Living at times is about testing inner strength
Can I live with abundance and enjoy radiance
There’s nothing bad about material wealth
For many prosperity equates to real health

The idea of suffering poverty starvation
Summon bygone thoughts an ethos of purification
The current era provides a much greater test
Thriving in a world where materialism’s best

It’s easy to be righteous and certain and such
Aspiring to nothing there’s no sense of too much
We live in times of seeming great wealth
Gone from our values the old holy self

Having great wealth giving it away
Sharing with others as part of your play
Philanthropy is measured not by what you save
But on each day how much you gave

Can you stay righteous can you be true
While earning and growing and providing too
That is a test in this powerful evolution
Will prosperity for all be part of the solution

When it comes to business and material things how do you value what
is important to you?
Do you think we all have too much or too little?
What is the way you think about possessions and acquisitions?
What do material things provide for you?
What do they not provide?
What might you change in your relationship to material things?

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