Sometimes the vision we have for our path

Others don’t see they may even laugh

Their picture is different it does not intersect

The sooner you know draw back and protect

The pain of not knowing just what they think

Without clear speaking there is no clear link

The sooner the better the clearer the choice

Don’t go to places where you have no voice

We long for belonging knowing we’re home

To find the right place so we’re not alone

Searching with honor following our nose

Sometimes finding thorns sometimes the rose

The essential place we want to respect

Avoid hurting others dampening their happiness

As you move forward down your own track

Stay conscious of others and have their back

Remember the core of your humanity

Nurturing caring making sure you can see

Honor the vision you project inside

Be mindful of differences avoid harming just glide

How often have you pretended that a relationship was compatible when it was not?

What was the real cost to you?

How long did you pretend it was OK?

What did you learn from the experience?

How do you address those situations now?

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