Now in this moment no better time

When destiny calls put your life on the line

The fear in your stomach and hole in your chest

Mandates getting stronger putting forth your best

In many moments you have the chance

To reach for the next rung invent a new dance

Don’t let opportunities pass you right by

Don’t sit on your doorstep ready to cry

Please swallow deeply when called for your mission

Give yourself permission follow your vision

Don’t shrink from accepting responsibility

Make this earth lighter and brighter to see

Follow the sparkles that dance in your brain

Follow your footsteps out of your pain

Trust in your heart song honor your plan

Take your place in your future sing prideful you can

One day you’ll look back and say “What was that?”

Why was I so nervous I could not relax

You would not be called if you did not possess

All the skills tools and presence for your happiness

What happened the last time you were called to take bold action?

Did you follow through and exceed the expectations others had of you or did you chose not to respond?

How did you feel about yourself after the moment passed?

What will you do in the future?

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