Now is the time here in this place

All combatants act from sacred grace

The battle was joined the action was noble

Fighting now puts us all in deeper trouble

A wide breach created by the push and shove

Now we get to show what we’re made of

Character that’s true character that’s real

Displays itself in how you reach out and heal

In a battle this fierce fought down to the wire

No winner emerging no one to retire

The campaign continues when the venue changes

And players and thinking all rearranges

I pray what we learn from this long winter’s night

The body politic can do better than fight

Energy that went into this fray

Better spent in a whole new way

Winner and loser a very old frame

Time to play a much bigger game

This might be about collaboration

Taking the pulse of our great nation

We have the tools and technology

To discover the approach that’s real democracy

If we do that for this century

We’ll be better off many more will be free

What level of democratic participation do you engage in?

Do you interact with people who have political views that are different from yours?

What do you learn from those interactions?

Is there a way you might be more curious about people who are different?

More empathetic?

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