A sense of balance pure equanimity

Internal congruence a state of prosperity

When body mind and heart are entrained

Together in sync your cells rearranged

That feeling of purpose on top of the world

Your power turned on without any swirl

The internal voices are quiet you purr

A sense of elation you are who you were

How great it would be if the world were in tune

Like a bright summer day around first of June

Flower essence presence the sun so bright

Stars are aglow moon lighting night

One step then another your vision so bold

Imagine coherence with all in your fold

Your friends and family your team and clan

The town that you live in each woman and man

Whatever was clouding your mind or heart

You have the tools to make a bold start

When you’re coherent aligned where you are

You can go anywhere real quick and real far

Do you feel a sense of alignment in your life? Internally?

With those close to you?

With your community and surroundings?

If not, what is out of alignment?

What can you do to create alignment?

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