Oh what privilege alive in a body
Feeling what’s joyful tearful and hardy
To have all these wonderful tools and sweet gifts
Seamlessly navigating shifts upon shifts

You always have company you’re never alone
You’re very familiar and know where you’re prone
A comfort that’s heartening warming sincere
One that will be there year after year

No matter what fate serves or stupidity brings
The vehicle we have serves as our wings
We have processors Intel longs for
We have robotics with intelligence galore

We have complexity and the warmth of emotion
We have powerful presence and a sense of devotion
We have independence dependence and interdependence
Let’s not forget reinvention for our relevance

Honor your vehicle let it be your friend
It will serve your needs up to the end
Cherish and thank and treat it well
It’s your carpet ride it never will tell

Do you ever take time to acknowledge and appreciate the extraordinary
tool and vehicle your physical body is?
If you were to take the time right now what would you be thankful for?
In what ways have you neglected this birthright?
What do you need to change about how you treat and care for this aspect of yourself?

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