It’s inside where you find quiet

The frantic outside where you find the riot

It hardly matters what’s all around

Peace residing inside is where you find ground

Seek to find answers in your noble self

No answers for you in anyone else

The depth of your knowing cannot be compared

To other oracles do not be scared

It’s fearful amazing to fully embrace

Inside your knowing sustains your grace

It’s not externals or a foreign source

You can’t leave your essence or from yourself divorce

Reflect ponder what is stored within

When you feel choice-less seeking a new whim

Listen to your voices let them bubble up

Let sweet words counsel fill your empty cup

Only you have answers to riddles in your being

Your unique solutions come from your seeing

Engage with others do hear them out

In the final vote let your voice shout

Do you think someone else has your answers?

Where does that thinking come from?

How did those thought forms come to inhabit your consciousness?

What might you do to transcend old ways of thinking with new thought forms?

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