What makes you anxious nervous inside

Feeling helpless wanting to run and hide

A sense “this is dangerous” “I’ve been here before”

Primal fear in your footsteps “don’t go through that door”

An important discernment helpful to make

Is the fear about now or an earlier take

What is a perspective that you might choose

So your fear won’t turn into perennial blues

Three words I say when fear wells up inside

“Do it anyway” let the fear be your guide

Think of the fear as a danger sign

It’s saying “wake up pay attention and mind”

The warning comes from your historic past

When primitive “on guard” helped you to last

The emotion you’re feeling is not all about now

It lives in your body warning you to slow down

Fear is an ally an old welcome friend

Demanding attention so you make the next bend

Learn to trust fear let it serve as your tool

If honored and managed you’ll suffer no fool

How have you used fear in your life? Motivator? Excuse?

Is there something you are fearing now?

What’s the fear about?

Can you transmute it and use it to help you achieve what you want to?

Can you begin treating fear as an old ally and friend?

Why not?

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