Amazing how sometimes we’re gripped by fear

No matter what we’ve done year after year

Concerned that this time we’ll land on our face

Afraid that this moment we’ll fall from grace

No matter the success we’ve had before

No matter the times we’ve walked through a door

Can it be real what we have done

Can we bear to think that we have “won”

Don’t let me slide from power’s great favor

I need greater forces to serve as my savior

Don’t let me tumble from sweet success

I need guidance to emerge from my helplessness

Here I am longing for something real

I want aliveness I want to feel

Fear is a part of the great mystery

Part of the path on the way to be free

As you long for deep solace reverie that’s real

Rest and reflect as you form your own keel

Think of apprehension as a strong motivator

It catalyzes action and makes you much greater

What is it you fear no matter how many times you have done it successfully?

What is the doubt about?

Is your irrational mind speaking or are there real impediments to success this time?

Is there someone who might reassure you it will all turn out OK?

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