The display of our work the fruit of labors
Comes in all sizes all tastes and flavors
Something to look at tells us where we’ve been
Evidence saying “you’re more than a whim”

It shakes and shudders as it’s being born
Birthing sometimes leaves us very torn
Reflecting what’s buried deep down inside
Getting inside outside is no simple ride

Displaying to others what lives within
Takes courage persistence diligence discipline
Opening self to critiquing minds
Being prepared for some comments unkind

Suddenly you’re not afraid any longer
Bearing your naked soul makes you feel stronger
Whatever they say whatever they see
It’s not all about you more about thee

Your revelations reflect your holy spirit
Whatever emerges has purity in it
The expression emerging from your sweet being
Reflects the clear light of what you’re seeing

As you continue in time and space
Do not be disturbed from your own pace
Let your gifts unfold in your special way
Your art reflects gods’ holy play

What is the art form you use to share the observations and wisdom inside you?
Do you feel a sense of anxiety or fear about revealing innermost thoughts and feelings?
What is the source of that fear?
What is the potential value and benefit for you and others from your self-expression?
Does that value quiet your concerns?

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