Dear ones I greet you with open arms

As you pass through layers of life’s many harms

As your journey unravels in soul psyche mind

The quest of your steps to let go of each bind

Who said it was easy to travel this path

One day it’s angels next day it’s god’s wrath

You are the anchor hold on with firm grip

Arise when you stumble thru each fall and trip

Just when you think you traversed the last ledge

You realize again you’re back on the edge

Paradoxical present tricks you each time

The highs and lows and breadth of the climb

Each rung on the spiral serves a new twist

The closer to heaven the more you resist

Keep breathing and drinking pure water and air

Let faith guide each footstep until you are there

You are the shepherd you are the sheep

When you embrace that you’ll no longer weep

Where do you focus what words fill your mind

You get to choose nasty or kind

Once you realize you are your liege

You’ll begin to take action only to please

Focus on thoughtful mindful delight

Realize the folly of fight and flight

Let your own wisdom observe and come through

Embrace sacred truth the god within is you

Have you begun to recognize the wisdom of your own inner voices and counsel?

Do you trust that aspect of your being?

What prevents you from knowing that your internal responses to your questions have great value?

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