Fear is a powerful teacher with much to give

A healthy timely helping instructs how to live

Fearless children often get burned or even worse

Missing the big difference between a blessing and a curse


Moving with abandon without seeing risk

Causes great catastrophe in instants so brisk

One moment of diversion without mindful gaze

Can bring lifetime bereavement in so many ways


You can lose a finger you can lose an arm

You can lose a loved one that’s a lifelong harm

You can lose a fortune position or your fame

If you are not thoughtful you lose your good name


How do you prevent these calamities

How do you avoid what brings you to your knees

It can be very simple you must stay alert

Minding cautious voices that see potential hurt


Think of what can happen when you do a deed

What results follow what warnings might you heed

Listen to those voices that always are near

Learn to trust the lessons encased in healthy fear


Do not let bravado take you on a joy ride

Do not ignore the warnings and act out of pride

It can be very simple when you listen deep

Honor caution’s blessing do not go to sleep


Can you remember a time when you heard and ignored the warning voice of healthy fear?

What was the lesson you took away?

What was the cost of that lesson?

How valuable would the payback have been if you listened to the voice of caution?

What warnings are you ignoring today?

– Stewart Levine ©

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