What is the quality many desire

Driving our actions making us aim higher

What is the catalyst igniting our passion

Elevating consciousness motivating action

What do we long for what’s in the detail

What must we embrace without it we flail

What quality of living sustains and guides

Who and what do we need on our living glide

It is not who or what it’s mostly attitudes

A cultivated state of mind provides interludes

Larger perspective helps us understand

Another’s expectation of what happens will be grand

Seeing all the miracles that take place everyday

Allowing your deep kindness to come out in the fray

Watching your emotions not getting carried away

Honoring the simple sleep food and joyful play

Listening to the voices that speak quietly

They are your map and compass they will set you free

Choose smiling over frowning hug do not run away

Always abide tomorrow do not dwell on yesterday

What makes you happy?

What do you need to stop doing?

What do you need to continue doing?

What do you need to begin doing ?

What really makes you happy?

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