New beginning

Life wants a second inning

Stewing in my juices

Centering is more elusive


Searching for answers

I’m one of the prancers

Seeking balance in this moment

For me a kind of atonement


In the midst of living conundrum

Far better than purely humdrum

The path chosen no easy road

I took on a full bearing load


A life infused neurosis and fear

Falling hard on my rear

Old tapes judgments dance in my brain

Truth is lost in rain and pain


Looking out from this hole

I tightly grasp a vaulting pole

No alternative place to go

I do my best in this show


I could quiet stuff and stop

Just suck on a lollipop

I will embrace who I am

Reflective authentic truthful man


The last time you were “stuck” how did you let go of what was holding you?

How do you feel about your journey and how can you help others who are stuck?


– Stewart Levine ©

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