Now I am here it is the beginning

My life wants to start its second inning

The more that I sit stewing in juices

The more that my grounding becomes elusive

As I look and search for personal answers

I can remember I’m one of the prancers

The balance I seek right here before me

Inside and about waiting to adore me

Now in the midst of this living conundrum

Better by far than a life purely humdrum

The path that I’m on no easy road

The weight I took on a full bearing load

Is life no more than neurosis and fear

Afraid I’ll fall down land hard on my rear

Old tapes and judgments dance loud in my brain

Truth hardly matters through my rain and pain

As I look forward out from this hole

Grasping tightly onto a long vaulting pole

There is no alternative place I might go

I’m doing my best with my part in the show

I could shut up stuff it and stop

Then who would I be soon I would drop

What I will do embrace what and where I am

Reflective authentic truth-telling man

Are you now or have you ever been “stuck” in your life?

How were you able to disengage from whatever was holding you?

How do you feel now about your journey?

Is there someone waiting for your assurance now?

How might you give it to them?

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