Real beauty a lustrous scene
Natural no artificial sheen
Alive authenticity projected
Poised assured rarely dejected

Proud resolve path mission
Steadfast earnest no contrition
Telling truth no compromise
Pure as moon sundown sunrise

Cat like stealth feline
Scent of rose velvet wine
Clear vibration as a source
Rarely do you see remorse

Alluring always at center
Has answers serves as mentor
Clear values wrong and right
When uncertain always insight

Pleasure to be with thrill to observe
Not often loses nerve
Chronicle teachings wisdom held
Lessons shared make you well

No need for seeking presence enough
Purity in bearing strong never tough
There to admire no need for your yes
Being inspires you must confess

Not easily captured you can’t subdue
Plugged in its own well sipping its brew
Honor the being notice the flow
Its character helps you grow

Don’t try to be it model the essence
Take on the aura it’s holy presence
Honor the freedom self-assured ways
Beauty a beacon in a world filled with haze

Who and what do you consider beautiful?


– Stewart Levine ©

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