What is real beauty what has that sheen
More likely in nature than some man-made scene
A sense of aliveness authenticity projected
Poised and assured seldom dejected

Proud with resolve on a path with a mission
Steadfast and earnest no sense of contrition
Telling its truth without compromise
Pure as the moon sundown or sunrise

Moving like a cat stealth and feline
Scent like a rose smooth like fine wine
No unclear vibration comes from this source
So clear with itself there is rarely remorse

Drawing all with attraction it is its’ own source
Always having answers and a sense of “of course”
Clear about values what’s wrong and right
When there’s uncertainty at least there’s insight

A pleasure to be with a thrill to observe
Not often can you say it’s lost its nerve
Exciting to chronicle the wisdom it holds
With lessons forthcoming to help you grow old

No need for seeking its presence enough
It’s pure in the moment strong but not tough
It’s there to admire and does not need your “yes”
Its’ being inspires that you must confess

Not easily captured you cannot subdue
Plugged into its own well it drinks its own brew
Honor its’ being just let it flow
Slip into its character that will help you grow

Don’t try to be it just model the essence
Try to be like it and its holy presence
Take on its freedom and self-assured ways
Beauty’s your beacon in a world filled with haze

What do you consider beautiful?
What makes it beautiful to you?
Who do you consider beautiful?
What makes them beautiful to you?
Do you acknowledge the beauty?
When was the last time?
Do you acknowledge in a way that motivates without embarrassing?

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