Is it external or is it within
What is the source of elation and grin
Is it generated by what we see
Or is what we bring the source of our glee

No doubt it is a mixture of both
We look out and in determining worth
That old phrase that says “eyes of the beholder”
Clearly has wisdom from being older

What is real beauty what is it we seek
Peace and contentment a mind that can sleep
Self-assured knowing you have command
Of the vehicle god gave you wow that is grand

Not just the physical oh heavens no
More mental emotional that’s how you grow
Ability to monitor and regulate self
Don’t push responsibility onto somebody else

You are your source you are your guide
While at the same time god’s on your side
As you move forward growing in ways
Let beauty guide you making beautiful days

Is beauty a criteria for your creativity?
How do you define beauty?
When was the last time you set out to make something beautiful?
Did people say “hey that’s beautiful?”
How did that make you feel?

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