Starting something sparkles and glows
Quickens your thinking wakes up your toes
Excites your body tickles your mind
Propelling you places leaving old-self behind

Dawning new visions letting go of old fears
Breaking free of chains that locked you for years
Reinvention beginnings are possible now
Time for rebirth figuring out how

The best part of starting new
Do it now no matter what’s been true
No matter how stuck no matter your place
You have power discover your private grace

No need to move body or any stuff
You don’t need to travel or get on a bus
Use a new mind to set a direction
A new sense of purpose a new intention

Just step back get out of your way
Your guidance system navigates any fray
One day you wake up know you are there
You started over without that old fear

Recall a time when you began a project with a clear sense
of purpose?
What was that like and how did it feel?
Now think of a project you began that was not connected to a
clear personal purpose?
What was that like?
What was the main difference?
What do you want to begin today?
How will you do that?

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