Aside from what we came here to do

What we long for is a quiet that’s true

Where we are accepted and can truly “be”

It’s not about what you do it’s about who you “be”

That is the deliverance that helps sets you free

Your grounding focus your nest in your tree

Some of us are lucky and good fortune shines

Having those around that comfort chattering minds

In our own acceptance we receive a gift

Deliverance available to where there is no rift

On this ground we sing our song

Our heart feels known we do belong

We sing with glory here we hail supreme

Here we know true meaning of a “human” “being”

If we’re very lucky we can taste this honey

If we’re very smart we know honey’s more than money

What does home taste like to you?

What does it smell like?

How do you know you are home?

When was the last time you visited your home?

What took you there?

When you go how long do you stay?

What makes you leave? Why?

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