Best Work

Best Work
Your best work keeps you focused gives you something to do

Engages mind and body and your spirit too

Work gives you identity and demonstrates your worth

If you’re very fortunate it provides a purpose for your birth

It’s a stage for your learning a place to discover

How your stories line up with those of others

It’s a place you go to a joyful escape

Your own personal center the place where you’re great

It gives your life traction a centered grounding force

When it is compelling it becomes your sacred source

If you’re serious about your legacy

It’s time to think about who you might be

Get clear on your mission then make a plan

Gather your intentions measure your wingspan

Scale down and be earnest then get to work

One foot then the next to discover your worth

Let others come see do not hide and shrink

Uncertainty passes so not too much think

As your days grow shorter and you’re measuring self

Let best work distinguish you from everybody else

Have you ever thought about a personal mission that expresses the purpose you are here?

If you have does that mission still ring true for you?

Do you have a sense that you have been living and working with that purpose in mind?

What course corrections do you need to make?

What resources do you need?

Who can assist you?

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