The voice of complaint chatters so loud
Speaking from a perspective so right and proud
Automatically seeing flaws all around
Failing to recognize beauty surrounds

What’s wrong with this what’s wrong with that
Let’s talk of what’s missing let’s have a chat
Righteous indignation deep down inside
Serving separation feeding selfish pride

What’s the source of this backward perspective
Making you the object of others invective
Is the glass half empty is it half full
You choose the frame which side to pull

Humble suggestion I hope you see the worth
Notice your blessings while here on this earth
Count all the beauty you see every day
Sky sun and ocean magic in play

Food from the ground touch of a lover
Spark of a kiss a mind deep in wonder
Tears in your heart reuniting with a dear one
Marking precious laughter have raucous fun

When that surly voice starts to pitter patter
Chase it away its grumblings don’t matter
Embrace the infinite beauty surrounding
Live for the joy and blessings abounding

Are you aware of your “thinking habits?”
What would you discover about your perspective if you observed it regularly?
Do you count your blessings on a consistent basis?
Do you notice the natural beauty, miracles and people around you?
How might you begin to?

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