Each day I count my blessings dear
I hold and embrace and keep them near
The joys of living the smiles on your face
Embrace cherished ones that is sanctified space

The pleasures of feeling connected to others
The beam of your smile when with sisters and brothers
The shake of your laughter the smell of perfume
The greeting that’s waiting when you enter a room

The touch of another when you’re feeling down
The warmth of a hug dissolving your frown
The excitement of meeting a friend you’ve not seen
The sweetness of eating your favorite ice cream

At the end of a long day when nothing is new
The dance of your dog there to greet you
The kiss of a lover with mouth open deep
The sharing of breath as you drift off to sleep

The taste of grilled steak and a glass of red wine
The cheers of a stadium when the game’s on the line
These are the millions that first you can count
No matter your money they trump each account

What are the blessings in your life? Are there any you
might count today? Do you stop often enough to
appreciate what you are thankful for or do you
often focus on what’s missing? Can you see your
cup as running over, not half empty?

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