What holds you and draws your attention

Charts your life course sets your direction

Grounds you and gives your days more meaning

Gives you clear answers when you are screaming


Channels your energy focuses your intention

Sets your priorities demands reinvention

Do you have a central force so compelling

If not you are drifting no doubt pretending


Think back on your life and look for the times

When what you were doing were all perfect rhymes

You were fully engaged giving all life demanded

Your perspective was clear all was even-handed


What can you draw from that magical state

When you are your action all else can wait

Lost in your essence is where you find

The real sense of the being you left behind


The gift of this bliss is waiting for you

Listen to the clear voices telling you what to do

Let them reveal you and thrill you with joy

Let them remind be you girl or boy


No greater thrill is waiting for you

Seek out your true self so you can renew

It is not easy being who you really are

It is the way that will carry you far


No wasting more time with mundane diversions

Take hold of your gifts travel your own excursions

Follow the purity of your holy ways

Burn off all chaff with your laser gaze


Leave behind the haze most others live in

Engage the clean air that you can thrive in

Get quiet and still down to your core

Your sweet voice will tell you what you came here for


Have you ever experienced the bliss of being and doing exactly what you came here for?

When was it and what was it like?

Is this your current experience?

How do you feel about your current level of connection to yourself?

What do you need to change?

– Stewart Levine ©

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