Today is the day no time to waste

No dress rehearsal time to make haste

Potential greatness lies within you

Trust that your faith will see you through

No time for whimpering or indecision

No time to make more tiny revisions

It is all inside you just let it out

Out of your own way allow yourself to shout

The message you live with yours to deliver

No fearful chatter thwarting you as a giver

The world needs your gifts can’t wait for tomorrow

Please find the way now beg steal or borrow

If you join with others in healthy union

The mission will bathe all in holy communion

Please join your forces with people beside you

Take your next steps allow conscience to guide you

The glory is here yours for the asking

Follow your path you will be basking

We all have our mission that’s part of the plan

We all come with gifts for our human clan

What is the gift you came to deliver?

What else do you need to deliver the full value of the gift?

Who do you need on your team?

What will they do?

What will you do?

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

What are you waiting for?

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