Born Again

Handcuffs have me in chains
Afraid to move so much remains
Downward spiral free fall space
Never fit can’t find grace

Limbs splayed braced for worst
In my throat unquenchable thirst
Terror surrounds little respite
No slumber can escape the fright

Eyes wide open slam the ground
Suddenly stopped quiet around
Silence surrounds still serene
Quiet arises from my dream

Held me gripped in a vise
Thoughts entrapped turned to ice
Longing missing open gash
Devastation caused the crash

If lucky fortune shines
Surrender and see your eyes
Let go of fixation’s ride
Emerge on the other side

Through the tunnel light profuse
Wake discover your own truth
Journey each day in your mind
Choose a wise god to live inside

Do you know mood and perspective is a result of your thinking?

Are there places new thinking can provide rebirth?

– Stewart Levine ©

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