Born Again

Born Again
What grips and holds you in chains

Afraid to move forward though so much remains

Caught in a down spiral free falling in space

Never quite fitting hard to find grace

Limbs splayed wide open braced for the worst

Deep in your throat a dry sense of thirst

Terror surrounds you there’s little respite

Not even in slumber do you escape fright

Eyes wide open as you hit the ground

It suddenly all stops and quiet abounds

Silence surrounds you it’s still and serene

Quiet arises from deep in your dream

What was it that grabbed held you like a vise

What thought form entrapped turned you to ice

What longing what’s missing what open deep gash

What was so devastating it caused you to crash

If you are lucky and fortune shines bright

If you surrender you will see the light

If you let go of your fixation’s ride

Emerge from the tunnel on the other side

Out of the channel the light is profuse

Wake and discover your own new truth

The journey you live each day in your mind

Is a choice choose wisely god is at your side

Have you ever realized how much of your mood and perspective is a direct result of the nature of your thinking?

What have you done with that insight?

Is there a place in your current life where reframing your thinking might provide a rebirth?

What is it?

What’s the new thinking?

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