Business is busy-ness that’s what it’s about

It occupies engages distracts from primal shout

It provides long task lists filled with many to do’s

An arena for creativity with its own taboos

A place where we can act out our competitive fire

Sometimes it’s a context for service that is higher

It is becoming our dominant social institution

As family disintegrates it’s a substitution

Within its confines we express our personal art

It provides context for each a fresh start

We get to exercise all the parts of our brain

As we explore brand new business terrain

For personal drama it’s a great stage

For charm and seduction competence and rage

It’s a form of theatre in which you can learn

And realize your dreams at the same time you earn

When thinking of work realize it’s much of your life

It’s relationships become family sibling husband wife

Think of colleagues as your “work family”

Embracing their concerns satisfies your needs endlessly

How do you think about the world of business?

Do you see work and business as opportunities to learn and collaborate or just a place to make money?

What about the idea of work as service – how do you view that?

What about your colleagues – are they mission or profit driven, or some combination of both?

How does work serve you?

How does it detract?

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