Buzzing up a mountain buzzing round the globe

Buzzing upon buzzing I am getting old

Flying on adrenals buzzing my next perch

One day waking startled in my eternal search


Climb down from buzzing feet on the ground

Is this the game of being lost and found

Who controls gambits in the living games

Whose selection power who goes who remains


Next steps uncertain little clarity here

Only speculation what happens in this year

This moment’s about resting quieting the mind

Shutting down all systems stop the quest and find


Interesting how things work getting off the spin

Resting on the sideline few know you’ve gone or when

When again ready mount your noble steed

All who greet not knowing how you have been freed


When you get weary exhausted to the soul

Step off the whirling cyclone take time to be whole

Gather fractured feelings call your spirit from afar

Consolidate your essence back in your jeweled jar


Have you been buzzing around needing renewal time?

How does that enable a greater contribution to others

and yourself? What’s in the way of renewal?

– Stewart Levine ©

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