Quickening now here in this place

Life’s in the balance for the human race

Take the chance stand up and be tall

Don’t wait for others answer the call

We all have the thought “someone” will save us

Truth is it’s you can you be brave enough

The force is not outside don’t search for a guru

The face in the mirror is the one to serve you

We shoulder the task of making community

There lies our strength where we’ll find unity

There is no expert or north star to guide

Only your heart the humanity inside

The human race is no dash to be won

The major commitment your being the one

Your god’s on your shoulder guiding your way

When you wake up take her out and play

The hereafter we wait for is here right now

In every tree barn each field and cow

The night’s not so cold when you know you’re held

The force in your night is not foe it’s your friend

Do you think the times call for some form of rescue or savior?

Are you waiting for that savior or do you see yourself in that role?

What are the areas in your life where you do or don’t take responsibility?

How is that working for you?

How might it be different?

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