Some people fear what their life demands

Stepping up and taking their place in the band

Sitting on sidelines observant and wise

Planning critiquing heaving jealous sighs

Many of us spend our life being small

Never knowing how large is our tall

Engage now at your own pace

Step into capacity your grace

Why go through motions day after day

Never fully stepping out to raucous play

Never knowing who you might be

Posturing hesitating yearning to be free

Humans traveling through life on earth

Blessed gifts come with their birth

Unlimited potential part of god’s plan

You realize as much as you can

We have the power to achieve noble goals

Go beyond limits you have been told

When opportunity knocks at your front door

No feigning shyness you go for more

How much of your potential are you currently using?

What are your gifts…what are the ways you might be contributing to others?

What are the ways you might share more of your gifts?

How have you been preventing yourself from doing that?

How can you get beyond holding back?

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