Imagine right now here in this place

Dancing was the province of the human race

The experiment godhead could have in mind

To aim all toward joy so we will find

As we engage in our searching and rush

We get too serious and take on too much

We might realize that our hardened edge

In countless transactions creates a wedge

And that includes how we deal with our self

Put your intensity back on your shelf

At the end of this life you will leave your body

While you are here don’t miss the party

We discover joy in what gets us high

It’s communion with others not our head in the sky

Remember you always get what you give

Don’t sit by yourself engage and live

It’s all about who you’re with on this journey

Not Nobel Prizes PhD’s piles of money

Look at your life ask “Am I celebrating”

The joy that you feel that’s worth calibrating

What is your favorite kind of celebrating?

What brings you great and sustainable joy!

When was the last time you experienced it?

How often do you experience it?

When will you experience it next?

Can you put it on your calendar?

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