So many choices so little time
Just a short window reach for the divine
The gamut of life is splayed before you
As you cogitate what next do I do

The glory that’s waiting for you today
It’s not tomorrow it’s here grab the day
Friends don’t have answers you have your keys
When your life beckons get off your knees

Think deeply thoughtfully decide make a plan
And remember only do what you can
Careful of thinking that clouds your brain
Please wear your slicker don’t fret when it rains

Always remember god is in you
Never forsaken no matter what you do
Take heed inspiration from the master’s voice
Do not lose perspective you always have choice

Remember it’s not about yesterday’s child
More about daydreams and at times being wild
Let go of all visions you once entertained
This is all about presence maintained and sustained

What keep you centered and grounded as you make choices about life?
How do those centering forces impact your life?
How do they help you make choices?
What is the affirmation you use to invoke those forces?
What do you say or do in response to your affirmation?

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