When you’re unbalanced dizzy crazed

When all your cells need to be rearranged

What can you do quickly what intervention is fast

What’s the path to your grounding a solution at last

Sometimes it’s family bloodline and genes

Sometimes its chemicals drugs and food are your wings

Sometimes it’s a dear one a lover or friend

Sometimes your artistry takes you round the bend

Sometimes it’s nature leading back to your path

Sometimes womb water in the form of a bath

All these vehicles what do they do

They align your cells and point to center of you

Your first reaction when you fall off your train

I’m here again in this pouring rain

Please think again welcome the fall

Downpour’s your path back to your all

Don’t make the mistake seeking answers out there

Let the externals point back to your lair

The rain and the sunshine the joy and pain

Serve only as signals to get you home again

What do you do when you find yourself off center?

If you do not know what would it be if you did know?

How long does it take you to get back on track?

Have you discovered how the funk serves you?

Is it always useful to quickly move out of your funk?

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