Something happens if we’re fortunate in life

A challenge comes along engaging and ripe

Our attention our focus has somewhere to go

A nexus a locus that we love so

Hours become excited alive

Know what it’s like to fully thrive

Taken by presence that turns us on

Grabbing your being each day at dawn

Look for what attracts gives you a smile

Figure out the tacks walk the first mile

If you’re not lucky nothing’s tapped a vein

Look in front of you never complain

Critical choose your favorite actions

Select wheelhouse projects maximize tractions

The desire you have for tasks demanding and new

Already in sight lines ready to command you

Right before you the answer already there

Speaking very loudly say “I am here”

All it takes to see beyond disguise

Stop look listen open your eyes

How much of your life is filled with projects and people you are passionate about?

Would you like to have more passion in your life?

How will you go about generating it?

What and who do you love working with?

What is holding you back?

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