Now is a time for changing and seeing

Life’s in the balance for each human being

Listen to signals hear each and every call

Each country and politic heading for a fall

It has not been written in black ink or red blood

If we can’t stay mindful there will be a great flood

To cleanse wash and rid us of the floating junk

If we fail to change we will all be sunk

We can take some action and reverse the slip

The time right now ripe for a philosophical flip

We can change in an instant we can turn on a dime

Holding fast the status quo surely is a crime

Heaven now is ripe it is all understood

Creative ideas are the source for good

Walking among the blessed is not that hard a task

Many all around you look listen and ask

Life holds such sweet nectar for those who truly see

Open your eyes widely don’t let blindness be

Ecstasy calls you softly with each passing breath

Choose your sacred fate now degradation radiant health

What are the calls for help you hear all around you?

How do you respond to them?

Are you satisfied with your responses?

What else might you be doing?

What gets in your way? Why?

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