Nothing is static that’s truly alive

The fact that we learn a sign we can thrive

One thing we need to think until clear

When we can blink our attention shifts gear

The complacent among us likes things to remain

They resist the changes life force sustains

Stars shift and winds blow and cells rearrange

And suddenly “bedrock” appears very strange

What does this teach what does this say

What of the voices describing our play

Look for the answers inside your soul

Look for the teachers that help you grow old

Trust your own voices measure your own energy

Do not forget the questing that broke you free

When you return to familiar space

When you circle around and revisit a place

Remember that as it appears quite the same

Your soul has shifted weather failure or fame

As you ride your current navigate your tide

Remember godhead trust the counsel inside

How do you talk to yourself about change?

How do you react to change in your world?

What kind of counsel do you seek when major changes take place in your life?

What kind of resistance to change do you have?

What is the real source of that resistance?

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