We go forth seeking our truth

Conquering mountains expending our youth

Joyously giving our all away

As we uncover what makes our day


Searching on mountains seeking in caves

Looking for answers to take to our graves

Where do we find wisdom profound

Up in the air deep underground


After the searching longing and such

Back to the place where we did not know much

In our innocence and naivety

We knew with simplicity


Finally after all of the years

Through joy with laughter and howling tears

Coming full circle knowing what you want

Recognizing yourself discovering your heart


Good fortune of friendships lessons profound

The journey of circles takes you back around

To the place that you knew so long ago

To a home and hearth and the wisdom you know


What are some of the simple things you knew then that you would like to KNOW now?

When did you lose that knowing and what have you done to reclaim it?

Is there anything you would like young people to know about what you have learned and what you knew then?

– Stewart Levine ©

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I have always been a seeker, always looking for the answers to what seekers ponder. I can remember Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Psychocybernetics; Dr. Carl Rogers On Becoming a Person. Moving through my legal training and practicing law the focus was always about people and how to better their lives. All that searching, reading, studying and introspective work culminated in this collection of daily readings for seekers.

My work in the world has progressed from fighting legal cases to mediating divorces to helping people understand the essentials of relationship and collaborating to these poems. How can we collaborate effectively and work with each other in harmony to create the world we seek. How can we mindfully enable this world to become a place that works for all.

My prayer is that through introspection using these poems as a guide we can all grow together in making the world the Heaven on Earth we all aspire toward.

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