When it is cloudy within without

When it’s flat and hazy no edge or shout

Summer’s ending without sun’s kiss

The path’s gray and muddy no hint of bliss

What do you do it’s quiet inside

Where’s the motivation to continue your ride

You’re feeling fearful of what lies ahead

You want to lie low go back to bed

You know you want so much more

You want a life that allows you to soar

You want to be joyful much of the time

You want to keep making rhyme after rhyme

Time to decide darkness delight

Which way will you turn will you move without fright

A foggy horizon is a dangerous view

No time for sailing be still and true

Life is suffering so Buddha said

We “do” to avoid keep moving instead

Please recognize what I said is so

Life follows you it goes where you go

Illusion and fog reveal hidden gifts

Often demanding a clear mental shift

You can dwell on the cloudy get into it deep

Choose a diversion go back to sleep

Why not the tack best way out is through

In touch with your cloudy good friends with blue

You have been truthful down at the core

Life is a lesson learning’s what you’re here for

What is it that clouds the clarity of your life?

How do you respond when your clouds arrive?

What have you learned about the value your clouds bring?

How might you get excited and welcome your clouds?

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