To drink of each other the sweetness of essence
To taste food that’s wholesome and bask in each presence
Embracing our courage through humility’s fear
In order that we truly listen and hear

The coming together of souls on a path
Provides each and every a pure sacred bath
Cleansing the spirit renewing the soul
Restoring vitality once again whole

Somehow the journey to a place you call home
Was joyous and truthful and never alone
The fuel of communion provided our wings
As we spoke of mission and great lofty things

Amazing how gracefully we crossed time and space
We had the assistance of a real healing place
As connections grew deeper a quickening arose
The roar of our laughter generated energy flows

Intelligence blended a collective was born
Capacity unfolded way beyond the norm
Wisdom emerged with an ease from our midst
That was part of the joy of our sweet noble tryst

When was the last time you were part of a creative learning community?
What value did you receive from your participation?
What gifts did you give?
What did you learn?
How did you feel?

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