What do we search for what is a longing?

A place we can rest and feel belonging

Where we let down quiet our cells

Let go personality chill our real selves


A place to plug into center and source

Waters flow over we chart a new course

The grounding space receives electrical rain

Comfort simplicity soothe chattering brain


Warm familiar faces remind there is home

Conversation connection says you’re not alone

Restful sleep heals you to the bone

Nourishment feeds the longing of existential moan


Feelings engendered induce tranquil sleep

The words of Christ hit us very deep

When you get restless insane in your wake

Can’t find the traction enabling your brake


Remember Jesus suggested the answer

The place to plug in stop the disaster

“When two or more are gathered there is one”

Community connection always shining sun


Do you have a place where you plug in deeply, rest, and feel home?

Have you recently acknowledged the people in that space letting them know how valuable they are to you?

– Stewart Levine ©

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