It resides inside part of our presence
A fundamental part of human essence
Beneath the surface beyond sense or reason
Emerging when threatened some personal treason

It has roots in primordial fear
The terror of birth the injustice here
It might rise up when you’re crossed or burned
When you see injustice or compassion spurned

Reactive energy frightful ripping things apart
Standing in contrast a compassionate heart
Reaction the devil of blood lust and revenge
Get beyond its orbit or suffer its spiteful end

Use the reservoir of this powerful force
Choose beyond reaction use the energy as source
Use rage to grow bigger and stronger of heart
Let it motivate you to high human art

Do not let trespasses poison your passionate soul
Do not allow their violation to make you less whole
Do beckon your love to be sweeter and more
Let your soul flower it’s what you came here for

See those who betrayed you as needing your love
They do not know better they need warmth not a shove
Respond with compassion not vitriol and hate
Compassion the ticket through your evolutionary gate

What triggers you and taps into your rage?
Can you remember the last time something set you off?
What became of all the energy the situation generated?
Were you able to transmute into something that served you or did you let it just dissipate?
What strategy might you adopt for the next time?

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