The essence of human to nurture what’s here

Caring for each other sharing good cheer

Quietly connecting with the longings of others

Being a dear mother father sister or brother

It’s not a quality we need to cultivate

It’s born deep within part of our gait

It lives in our marrow and in our genes

Inhabits our soul we know what it means

When others engage with untoward action

We choose whether to give their action traction

We can react lash back at their force

Or we get bigger avoiding any remorse

Recognize think about who’s over there

Reflect on their story listen and hear

Look at their history where they come from

Grasp their motivation and deep intention

Respond with perspective and understanding

Give yourself some no need to be demanding

Essential compassion is who you are

When you give it freely you will go very far

When dealing with others do you stop to put yourself in their

shoes before making judgments about their behavior?

Can you recall the last time you did that and then responded from that


How did that contribute to the relationship?

How did that make you feel about yourself?

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