What holds us together keeps us alive
Provides a foundation on which we can thrive
Reveals our essence exposes our core
Lights the dark passage to what we’re here for

The cost of admission only your soul
Whatever it takes to keep yourself whole
The longing and searching reach their own end
When open to connection anyone can be a friend

Joyous vibrations warm your whole heart
Inspire your being help you produce art
Populate your poetry with visions profound
Sourced from your love and sacred ground

All of this beauty serenity peace
Grows out of synapses that quiet your beast
It’s not about you and what you have to give
In joining others we learn how to live

Enjoy your connections with relish and pride
Puff out your heart enjoy the wonderful ride
Be clear on what fuels you know you are not alone
Stay deeply entwined as you circle and roam

Can you notice the level of connectivity you have in your life?
How does your connectivity relate to the quality of your life?
What does that tell you?
Have you ever made conscious choices to increase your connectivity?
What did you do and what was the result?

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