What do we long for what is the search

What do we observe from our unique perch

As we venture out each day of the week

Why do we do it what do we seek

I say we all long for a place in our soul

A place of quiet where we feel whole

Connected to others a familial presence

A place we call home that feeds our essence

Supporting timbers stand us straight up

The sense of belonging refilling our cup

Longing and leaning leads to laughing and such

We’re back to center not needing much

Alone can be lonely like stored in a garage

We need support to lift and recharge

When you are sitting down in your cups

Think of who’s missing who you value much

Go seeking the ballast gone from your life

Resist any stewing in your own spice

The moment you cross that chasm of space

Reaching for others delivers your grace

What does it mean to you to be centered and connected?

Do you think it’s important to be centered and connected? Why?

What makes you feel centered and connected?

Do you have a quick way to access your sense of center and connection?

In what ways do others contribute to that?

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