Many choices served by life
Go left up down right
No right answer always true
Let go right what calls you

Ponder indecision
Mulling each revision
Onward upward quest gold ring
Home hearth what’s your thing

Words make sense no doubt
They won’t figure it out
No equation sorts the wedges
Weighs consequence knows edges

In the end feel pain
No matter newness potential fame
Make choices let go move
Leave behind what you lose

Going forward mind the pain
Always yours no matter gain
Sentient beings discovering worth
Part of living learning on earth

Transitions part of the game
Loneliness tears fame or shame
Simple answers very clear
Tough ones ponder year on year

Allow all voices listen to heart
Paint your canvas live your art
In the end go to grave
With all you received all you gave

When you leave something how do you feel?

How do you process loss, what does it teach
and how does it inform future passages?

– Stewart Levine ©

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