Where does it come from the drive to create

Remaking anew without a template

Traveling places you’ve never been

Enduring loneliness coming from within

Hearing footsteps of advancing age

Harnessing the energy of internal rage

Giving in multiples to those at your side

Trusting faith through bumps and backslide

The longing that drives and pushes you on

Pulls in directions you’ve never gone

When victory seems an impossible dream

Embrace the process as part of the scheme

When knowing is found in a backward recess

Exploring newness is your happiness

The context of learning facing you east

Each day serving up a delicious feast

Much of the learning growing and thrust

Arises from inside as long as you trust

Following the god down deep inside

Honoring innovation keeps you alive

What motivates your creativity?

Where does it come from?

What does the gift of creating do for you?

For those close to you?

For the community?

When you deny your capacity for creating what happens?

Are there consequences?

How do you suffer?

What do you miss?

Is the denial worth the price?

Why do you think so, or not?

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