For some life is simple routine everyday
Wake up goodnight no change not much play
Others revel in excitement and new
Adding spices to their simmering stew

The brew that they drink the soup they stir
Is constantly changing often a blur
Creative artists thrive on invention
Life’s about movement never pretension

Life that’s creative never stands still
Experiment newness discovery thrill
The humdrum of fish on Thursday night
Drives creatives batty they’d rather take flight

They must have the freedom to make life new
Shape shift rearrange transforming too
These evolving humans bleeding edge pioneers
When they do a reframe we all stand and cheer

They make up the future for them and us
They lead with elegance never a fuss
So when you see these magical beings
Congratulate them please say nice things

What is it that drives your life – clinging white knuckle to yesterday’s routine, the thrill of being on roller skates or something in between?
How do you fell about your inclinations?
Is it an automatic preference or is it something you have chosen?
What appeals to you now?

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