Is it unraveling all turning asunder
How do you think how do you wonder
What is your status amid all the plunder
Do you feel rage do you hear thunder

What are you feeling what is your perspective
Are you being thoughtful or throwing invective
What are your answers do you have solutions
Have you engaged in thoughtful resolutions

Truth needs to be told there are no answers
On the path before us we all need to be dancers
Has our leadership failed weren’t they watching
Institutions crumbled while they were carping

What are next actions where are the answers
Have those we trusted always been prancers
Bedrock solid granite the foundation assumed
All crumbled like sand grains are you amused

Take strength in your wisdom knowledge is inside
Now is the time rely on your own pride
Stay centered grounded clear on your values
Make choices take action follow your own muse

What is your current sense of the world swirling around you?
What kind of information do you pay attention to?
What informs the choices you make about your direction?
How do you protect your family, community, fortune?
How often do you step into inquiry?
Who can you rely on?

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