Standing at the junction
Making choices sans compunction
What will we choose what is our plan
What direction is best for the human clan

We’ve each had our lifetimes experiences illusions
Somehow we’ve managed to come through confusions
As we sit here in the midst of a millennium
Is there a direction or another pendulum

The choices before us many some bold
Stay the same course strike out of the fold
The tack we choose will impact every day
The path we traverse directs us when we pray

What is your vision your desired legacy
Do you have will or is gold as security
Do you want to be able to say
I had a choice and did it my way

What is the end of a life that is humdrum
You get to the finish and see your end run
You never faced the choices presented
Your vision was never fully fermented

Say to yourself on the verge of new morning
What is the from to carve at this dawning
Whether it’s money a cause or your art
Make sure your choices honor your heart

When you stand at a crossroads in your life that requires
choices and decisions what are the values that govern your
decision-making process? What are the factors you look at
making those choices? How do you decide? Has the process
you have been using served you well? What would you change?

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